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Practice Note for Administered Cases (2 January 2014)

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PN - 01/14 (2 January 2014)


1. This Practice Note shall govern the appointment of arbitrators and the financial management of arbitration in all cases administered by the SIAC.
2. An arbitration shall be administered by SIAC in accordance with this Practice Note where –
a. it is governed by the arbitration rules of the SIAC; or
b. the parties have agreed that the case be administered by the SIAC.
3. In this Practice Note –

“Court” means the Court of Arbitration of SIAC and includes a Committee of the Court;

“President” means the President of the Court and includes a Vice President and the Registrar;

"Registrar" means the Registrar of the Court and includes any Deputy Registrar.
4. Administration by the SIAC includes:
a. Appointment of arbitrators;
b. Financial management of the arbitration;
c. Case management, which includes liaising with arbitrators, parties and their authorised representatives on proper delivery of notices, monitoring schedules and time lines for submissions, arranging hearing facilities and all other matters which facilitate the smooth conduct of the arbitration;
d. Where applicable, exercising such supervisory functions entrusted by the arbitration rules; and
e. Scrutiny and issuance of awards made by the Tribunal.

Appointment of Arbitrators

5. The criteria for appoin